We are the fastest growing BPO company in the Philippines.

With its mission to provide solution to internet security concerns, E-Guardian Philippines Inc. is proving itself to be widely known by getting clients all over Asia and the Northern part of America. Our clients, being able to recognize the excellent services that we offer due to the highly commendable and praiseworthy customer service that they get.

With a little over a year of being in the Philippine industry from the time it started, the Company has expanded to almost a hundred in headcount and now, we are a little over that range as we cater to more clients and customers.

We Guard All

To provide all of the internet users a secured and safe internet access.

A mere concept from the great leaders of E-Guardian Inc. in Japan, they converted this concept into a reality. Started 2017 with less than fifteen (15) employees. E-Guardian Philippines Inc. climbed up its way to the profound growing BPO Industry in the country. Accepting the challenges and obstacle, the team took it as a learning experience to better the service to its clients, customers and employees.

Then, after a mere two (2) years from when it started, the Company transferred to a more considerable office space and location that can accommodate more employees and can cater to new services.

As we progress into a wider and extensive scope of services, EGP ensures to still uphold its mission in safekeeping the internet and providing even better customer service to all internet users around the world.

Quality Policy

Quality is decided by our clients

Through our communication with our clients, we will respond “Quickly”, “Flexibly” and “Powerful” in order to meet their expectations.

Our Promise

To our Client:

We are responsible for all internet users. Our goal is to have everyone use the internet at ease and securely through our services.

In addition, we are also responsible for every companies that offer internet services. We aim to develop our partnership with companies having the same goals as ours by being acknowledged as a good mentor.

For that reason, we assure to develop and provide the best Social Web Services that can make users feel relieved by always giving effort for advancement and improvement. We will keep on providing high quality and high-value added services for a reasonable price.

To our Employees:

We have the responsibility over all of our company employees. We give proper credit to our employees and ensure that they have a working environment where they can do their tasks with their minds at ease.

To the Society:

We have the responsibility for the community in which we live in. By improving the internet literacy of the society, we will contribute to the maintenance of a healthy community and the healthy development of the internet society.

Through these activities, we will contribute not only to the internet society but also to the harmonious solidarity with the real world.

Also, as a result, we will adhere to the laws and regulations, contribute to significant social projects and welfare, as well as be responsible in paying appropriate taxes as good citizens.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Kazumi Okuyama
Kazumi OkuyamaDirector
Yasuto Suzuki
Yasuto SuzukiOperation's Manager
Jasmin Alunan
Jasmin AlunanHR & GA Manager
Dante Baguista
Dante BaguistaAssistant Accounting Manager
Daisuke Kakinuma
Daisuke KakinumaJapanese Supervisor
Haruka Fujimoto
Haruka FujimotoJapanese Supervisor
Kai Kengo
Kai KengoJapanese Supervisor
 Rizza Jane Gatdula
Rizza Jane GatdulaOperation's Supervisor
Emmanuel Lawan
Emmanuel LawanAssistant IT Manager
Jana Guzman
Jana GuzmanSenior HR & GA Associate
Lester John Miranda
Lester John MirandaSenior HR & GA Associate
Roseleen Unica
Roseleen UnicaIT Associate
Ana Marie Sumalde
Ana Marie Sumalde Accounting Associate

I enjoy being here with my kind and supportive colleagues, even though we are experiencing a difficult situation right now, the company is still able to give their support and understanding to all of its employees and was able to adjust from the beginning.

Jessica, Web Support Specialist

My most memorable experience was, when the company made extra effort to pick me up door to door San Pablo – Makati Vice Versa during the start of the lockdown. You had me at that!

RJ, Operation's Supervisor

EGP helped me grow as an employee and also helped me improve my Japanese language skills.

Genesee, Web Support Specialist