Image recognition AI that detects inappropriate images such as adult images, imitation product images, and illegal usage of logos and characters.

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Image recognition AI that detects inappropriate images such as adult images, imitation product images, any illegal usage of logos and characters.

“ROKA SOLUTION” is an AI-type Image Recognition System that has a world-class image-recognition machine learning system developed by E-Guardian in partnership with Tokyo University.

Executes image detection with an accuracy rate of 99.5% through the data that helps the AI to learn that utilized data acquired from extensive experience in post monitoring. It can detect inappropriate images such as adult images, imitation product images, etc.

Developed Teacher data to enable high detection rate


ased on the expertise accumulated over many years of monitoring, we created Teacher Data to serve as a criterion necessary to increase a specific image detection rate. The image is judged as OK, Gray, and NG. Moreover, the specialist visually checks only the Gray judgment. If the filter and visual results are different, the teacher data is automatically corrected. It improves judgment accuracy as the operation is continued.

Filtering that can be used in various scenes such as EC, advertisement distribution, etc.

By filtering adult images and inappropriate images that violate social standards with a detection rate of 99.5%, it can be used not only to support healthy site management, but also in checking of advertisement distribution destination which is becoming a social problem nowadays. Also, in the EC field, the checking of fake products on C2C flea market application sites, the recommend function which extracts image data that matches the taste of users, the suggestion of recommendation coordinate by AI in cooperation with “face authentication” system, etc. can also be applied.

System Flow Chart


It is possible to detect perfect-match images and processed images by letting AI learn about the images that are illegally displayed in the past as “teacher data”. In addition, since the checked images are scored respectively, extraction of similar images can be easily performed by confirming the image with a high score even if AI’s judgment is not good.

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