AI Video Sound Detection System that detects copyright infringement of live video and advertisement.

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Service Outline

AI function that detects copyright infringement of live videos and video ads, and violation of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law

With the rapid increase in the volume of videos on the internet backed by the popularization of smartphones and video sharing/streaming sites, compliance violation of upload and transmission of videos is rapidly increasing. In TextVoice, we monitor video contents to be delivered, we quickly detect copyright infringement and Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law violations, etc., and support the restoration of the video market.

Converts video sounds to text (speech-to-text) and checks inappropriate videos


extVoice can check illegal video transmissions such as piracy and the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act of video advertisements by separating video footage and sound from a video file and making word match of text data extracted from the sound. It can also monitor both images and sounds and gather marketing data by combining existing AI solutions offered by E-Guardian, such as AI-type Image Recognition System “ROKA SOLUTION” and In-Image Object Detection System “Kiducoo AI” etc.

Cost and Labor Reduction through Automation of Video Monitoring

Video monitoring has more information compared to texts and still images, so extensive labor and time are necessary to check everything. By using “TextVoice,” we can create an environment that can focus on upstream processes such as planning and analysis by automating time-consuming monitoring work.

System Flow Chart


Through the extensive experience in post monitoring, we support from the creation of evaluation standards according to the purpose of the videos, as well as copyright infringement and Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law related keywords.

By extensively gathering and analyzing video sounds, it can grasp the trends and trends by target, and it can be used in marketing.

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