The only constant thing in life is CHANGE – Heraclitus. As this pandemic crisis takes over the whole world, and as we enter into the new normal, employees in the BPO industry are striving to cope up with all the limitations and conditions brought along with the COVID-19 crisis.

The Call Center Industry in the Philippines has been one of the few businesses that remain active and running despite the current economic struggle. BPO companies, together with the Government Labor Department and other governing bodies, ensure that the safety and well being of the employees are their priority whilst at the same time ensuring the Operation is uninterrupted. BPO companies are arranging different types of work provisions such as work from home, shorter work schedules, establishing and strengthening guidelines and policies related to COVID-19, and a lot more.

Technology plays a big role in terms of executing and delivering the new normal to the industry. Virtual recruitment processes such as online applications are now taking place as an alternative to face to face interviews. Online meetings and trainings are also being implemented by most companies and documentation materials being used are now online to avoid physical contact. These changes truly made a big difference in the old and past processes that we all are used to.

As we transition ourselves into the new normal, and as we adapt to the changes that go with it, being well-informed of the situation, the changes that will and might occur, and the results are all essential to establish oneself into the new life.