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HOLY WEEK 2021: EGP CELEBRATING HOLY WEEK IN THE NEW NORMAL WAY The “Semana Santa” or Holy Week is one of the Philippines' most significant traditions as a Catholic nation in Southeast Asia. Embedded in the Filipino culture, Catholicism and its ideas continue to be part of many Filipinos' customs.  Two years have


One Crisis After Another: Remaining Steadfast amidst the Pandemic

  Ten months of lockdown, strict mask implementation, and social distancing may not be going away anytime soon due to a new strain of Corona Virus detected in various countries before the end of 2020. It was first detected in the United Kingdom last September of the previous year. According to the World Health

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New Normal Ideas for Celebrating this Christmas

New Normal Ideas for Celebrating this Christmas It’s that time of the year again—but a whole lot different. Who would have thought that the COVID-19 pandemic would affect all the plans, parties, reunions, even so, our way of celebrating Christmas? Different from past holidays when parties and gatherings were done carefree,

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Virtual Mental Health Activity

EGP reunites with its awesome team members through a virtual Mental Health activity E-Guardian Philippines Inc. kicked-off its first-ever virtual engagement activity, “Knock Knock HR: A Virtual Coffee-talk with EGP Frontliners” last October 9. This event is in harmony with the worldwide celebration of Mental Health Day on October 10. This virtual coffee

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Tips in Managing Social Media

Unplug for Mental Health: Tips in Managing Social Media The effects of the pandemic has taken a toll on the lives of everyone around the world. Learning new things and indulging into new hobbies were adapted to distract ourselves from its negative effects on our mental health. Many turned to the habit of

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EGP 3rd Anniversary

EGP at 3: Celebrating its 3rd Anniversary in the Midst of the Pandemic Adapting to Changes, Celebrating the Ages: It’s EGP’s 3rd Anniversary! Everyone in the world was greatly affected by the pandemic we are facing right now. It modified the lifestyle and activities of people. Moreover, COVID-19 temporarily put on hold

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Safe at Home on a Rainy Day

SAFE AT HOME ON A RAINY DAY Tips to stay safe during the rainy season amid the Pandemic The rainy season or La Nina has greeted the country in the past 2 months and this weather has made staying at home even better. The 7-month old quarantine period has led most EGP team

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The EGP Virtual Tour

The EGP Virtual Tour A sneak peek into the EGP Headquarters With the worldwide transition towards the New Normal, the EGP Management decided to adapt the Work-From-Home arrangement to keep our team members safe. Since our employees miss going to the four corners of the EGP Headquarters, the company has thought of an

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We Guard All–WHEREVER, WHENEVER Data Protection and Security never left the top spot of E-Guardian Philippines’ company principles. Right from the get-go, the management devised a Data Privacy Policy (DPP) and strictly implemented it throughout the company. The policy was aligned with Republic Act No. 10173 or the Philippines Data Privacy Act that aims

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A Leap into the BPO industry

A Leap into the BPO Industry COVID-19 pandemic affected millions of lives around the world. The livelihood, education and even the lives of others were taken by this virus in ways no one expected. Businesses and other companies were not able to escape the impact of the pandemic which led to manpower layoffs and

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