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Our team of highly experienced mobile app developer ensures smartphone app vulnerabilities are thoroughly checked.

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Service Outline

Comprehensively checks issues on security.

Even with the increase in number of smartphone applications, there are still cases where developers deploy applications without enough security measures. In effect, this leads to concerns about the occurrence of major incidents due to less knowledge about security on the developer side and more.

In E-Guardian, we take advantage of our extensive experience in vulnerability examination toward web applications, with companies developing E-Commerce, games, financial-related smartphone applications, etc. As our objective, our technical experts with development experience comprehensively check security issues such as data protection, encryption, etc.

Strengths and Points of Services

Point 1

Examination Method that will make Fundamental Measures of Vulnerability Possible

We offer customizable service for customers by applying the knowledge and expertise gained from providing support for a wide variety of genres such as online, social, consumer title RPGs, simulators, FPS, and TPS. Our operations provide game support at 8 locations both inside and outside of the country. Moreover, our specialized gaming contact center Osaka GAMELABO is regularly conducting cutting-edge research on game support. Some of the research we conduct includes establishing practice areas for e-sports.

Point 2

Freely use professional knowledge and comprehensively check issues on security

Our vulnerability diagnosis comprehensively checks under a wide range of diagnostic items, from data protection to encryption, authentication and session management, network communication, program code, reverse engineering, platform API, and server API. We are regularly reviewing diagnostic items to respond to new security threats that arise every day. In addition to the development language for Android, we also support diagnosis in the development language of iOS, source code diagnosis, and diagnosis in third-party environments such as Unity.

System Flow Chart – Smartphone Application Vulnerability Diagnosis


Even if there is the same application on iPhone and Android, it is necessary to diagnose both since there will be different data. Technical experts specialized in iOS and Android will correspond.

Apart from the usual items for examination, additional investigation components can also be made depending on your request. Furthermore, we can also suggest necessary additional components for examination based on the hearing.

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