EGP Services


Supports social media operations starting from creating social media policy, to technical operation, analysis, and social listening.

EGP Services 1


Utilizes a huge amount of data based on more than 10,000,000 post monitoring per month and the operation know-how, and provides solutions by "AI×People".

EGP Services 2


With regards to Web Security, we provide support such as; examinations on susceptibilty, and acting as initial mediums for investigations and the likes depending on the matters on hand.

EGP Services 3


We also provide support for game applications, softwares, and until IoT systems while matching our team's organization as deemed necessary.

EGP Services 4

Net Patrol (Post Monitoring)

We conduct monitoring for a wide variety of domains ranging from; Community Sites, Electronic Bulletin Boards and, Broadcasting Videos in order to provide the safety and security of various Web services.

EGP Services 5

Advertisement Review and Operation Support

Supports advertisement operation services and all sorts of checking services that originates in advertisement screening operations and ad publication management operations.

EGP Services 6

Customer Support

Our customer support team handles correspondences via mail, telephone, and chat as well as correspondences in other languages complying with the needs of our clients 24 hours a day for 365 days in a year.

EGP Services 8

Cloud Security

We also provide the product of security countermeasure to data alteration due to any illegal access or Information leakage.

EGP Services 9


Supports solutions to problem with security, like optimization of outsourcing by reviewing business processes