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Our Video Monitoring services include actively checking video posts, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year, ranging from video sharing services such as YouTube to real-time distribution such as live video, streaming, and live chat.

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Service Outline

Immediate checking of large amount of uploaded videos, 24 hours per day for 365 days.

From video sharing services such as YouTube to real-time distribution such as live commerce and live chat, we support a large amount of video monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In fact, we make use of our expertise in post monitoring to examine audio posts for inappropriate remarks such as slander. Furthermore, we perform Post Monitoring since it is essential to maintain the effectiveness of the video market. It is possible to achieve work efficiency by utilizing the new AI function TextVoice, mainly developed for video monitoring.

Strengths and Points of Services

Point 1

Develop a Monitoring system to handle the massive amount of video posts.

With a large-scale 24/7 monitoring system, we deploy our operations on 20 bases, including 8 cities overseas and 6 cities in Japan. Moreover, we offer flexible system construction like real-time monitoring and regular monitoring. Hence, we can examine a massive amount of video posts.

Point 2

Achieve cost reduction with the help of AI.

We specifically incorporated AI in developing TextVoice to monitor and detect specific keywords from within the video. For example, it can examine moving pictures even at night where video quality is terrible. With TextVoice, we could reduce the cost with its function of searching for keywords using the AI function and record them.

Video Post Monitoring


e monitor videos posted in video sharing services such as community sites and YouTube operated by your company. If it contains an inappropriate video problem such as slander, adult video, and post that violates copyright or image right, we perform correspondence such as creation of delete request message.

Monitoring of Live Videos

We monitor videos posted in live broadcasting services such as Live Commerce, TwitCasting, and LINE LIVE in real-time, and if there is any inappropriate video problem, we perform correspondence such as banning the user account and creating delete request message.

Influencer Patrol

We regularly patrol video broadcasting of YouTubers and video creators for enterprises that deliver influencer marketing. We support securing of soundness and reliability of contents such as checking whether there is inappropriate video or remarks, or whether there is copyright infringement, that includes up to the judgement of “quote” and “reprint”.

System Flow Chart


We propose a monitoring system necessary for starting services, from the creation of judgement standards up to the creation of operation prodecures while utilizing the results of the post monitoring.

In keeping with the in/ decrease in the number of video submissions, it is possible to maintain a monitoring system that does not have surplus personnel. We will also propose checking methods according to budget and volume, such as thumbnail check · double speed check · full-length viewing check.

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