Expansion and Relocation of Manila Base

By Published On: October 14th, 2020
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Expansion and Relocation of Manila Base

E-Guardian Philippines Inc., a subsidiary of E-Guardian Inc. base in Minatoku, Tokyo Japan has expanded its’ base and relocated to another bigger and better office in the heart of Magallanes, Makati City.

Since its establishment in July of 2017, E-Guardian Philippines Inc. has been the global support base for various services initiated by the E-Guardian Group. It provides Customer Support for cross-border e-commerce sites centered on Japanese industries as well as companies within Asia and North America. In addition to this, we have provided Internet Advertising services and assistance related to Internet Security.

We are most skilled in giving support on gaming businesses, debugging services, multilingual customer support, and localization services as it steadily increases.

With the current pandemic situation of the Corona Virus, a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) as a countermeasure to adapt to the “new normal” is being implemented by the Company to continue its service to our clients whilst at the same time ensuring that employees health are protected. Condition like Telecommuting and Work from Home is enforced as a measure of guarding the safety of our employees.

As a response to the expected increase in service needs related to the future market expansion, E-Guardian Philippines Inc., aims to extend its services to Japanese Domestic Companies as well as the Global Market. Thus, the need for expansion.

With the opening of this new center, E-Guardian Philippines Inc. shall utilize and expand its services in developing and supporting the sales expansion throughout its Japanese clients and overseas markets. The Company shall also provide a wide range of multilingual services to our cultured clients.

Moving forward, the E-Guardian Group will continue to make the whole force of the group synergies in developing services that will make people’s lives more convenient and advantageous to carry out our mission of “We Guard All”

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