EGP 3rd Anniversay

By Published On: November 24th, 2020
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EGP at 3: Celebrating its 3rd Anniversary in the Midst of the Pandemic

Adapting to Changes, Celebrating the Ages: It’s EGP’s 3rd Anniversary!

Everyone in the world was greatly affected by the pandemic we are facing right now. It modified the lifestyle and activities of people. Moreover, COVID-19 temporarily put on hold most of everyone’s plans, but this is not the case for E-Guardian Philippines Inc. (EGP).

Last March 15, the government placed the entire Luzon under the Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ). The lockdown required the public to stay in their homes. Some non-essential establishments were obliged to be temporarily closed. Moreover, most of the public transportation services were not available for the following months. E-Guardian Philippines Inc., as part of the BPO industry, was authorized to continue its operations and with that, prioritized its employees’ safety and security. The company quickly secured door to door shuttle services and accommodation for the employees’ accessibility.

EGP swiftly adapted to the changes brought about by the pandemic and managed to move to the new office earlier than expected. Above all, EGP continues to plan for the betterment of the company and its team members. All thanks to EGP’s director, who tirelessly plans for the company; the supervisors who made sure that the company operates continuously; the administration team who managed the compliance of everyone to their duties; and the employees who trusted, stayed, and continued to work hard for the company despite the pandemic.

With EGP currently observing the work-from-home set up, the company’s 3rd anniversary celebration is to be done in the New Normal way. Despite the 360-turn that took place, this shows that EGP can adapt to the changes and conquer all the challenges and uphold its principle of caring for its team.

This year was indeed challenging, but will be a memorable one for EGP. With the hope that this pandemic will end soon, E-Guardian Philippines Inc. will continuously ensure its high quality service and guard all from home.

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