By Published On: November 24th, 2020
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Tips to stay safe during the rainy season amid the Pandemic

The rainy season or La Nina has greeted the country in the past 2 months and this weather has made staying at home even better.

The 7-month old quarantine period has led most EGP team members to indulge in various activities at home to keep themselves busy and productive. However, safety must never leave one’s priority especially during this pandemic.

Stay safe and dry this rainy season with these simple tips:

1.) Recharge with H2O – It is best to drink around 3 liters of water everyday as per the Institute of Medicine. Drinking lots of water helps with the regulation of body temperature. This also can keep our airways clean to prevent respiratory infections during this rainy season.

2.) Take your daily dose of vitamins and minerals – Respiratory problems such as cough and colds are common during this season so regularly taking your vitamins such as the Vitamin C, the immune system booster, can aid your body in combating viruses and infections. Don’t forget to add fruits and vegetables to your daily meal must-haves.

3.) Warm up with a bath – Taking a warm bath can regulate your body temperature and according to the Lung Institute, this can help clear your airways and even your lungs. Avoid bathing with very hot water so as to not damage your skin cells.

4.) Keep up with proper sanitation – Aside from the COVID-19, there are other culprits we have to avoid–Mosquitoes. A bite from a carrier could result in being infected with Dengue or Malaria. It is best to keep our surroundings clean, dry and free from containers or unused tires with stagnant water to prevent mosquitoes. Another risk to be vigilant of are the bacteria found in the water we step on outside. Make sure to regularly wash your hands and feet.

5.) Keep your On-the-Go Emergency Kit on standby – Make sure to have your emergency kit prepared and accessible when the need comes. Include the following items in your emergency kit: Medicine, Flashlight, Non-perishable Food, Drinking water, Alcohol, Extra Clothes, Candles, Money, Back-up Mobile Phones, Radio, and batteries.

6.) Stay indoors – With the implementation of social distancing, it is advised to limit going outdoors to stay safe from the virus. However, if necessary, do not forget to bring your essentials–Face mask & shield, umbrella, raincoat and rainboots.

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