Tips in Managing Social Media

By Published On: November 24th, 2020
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Unplug for Mental Health: Tips in Managing Social Media

The effects of the pandemic has taken a toll on the lives of everyone around the world. Learning new things and indulging into new hobbies were adapted to distract ourselves from its negative effects on our mental health. Many turned to the habit of scrolling through their social media feeds which might have led to making them dependent on what they see or hear online. This might not be the case for all of us but becoming reliant on social media will not be of any good to us. There is no denying that there are tons of benefits of social media such as connecting to the people we love, staying up-to-date with current events, managing small and big businesses and even school works. But making social media an irreplaceable part of our lives can negatively affect our mental health.

In line with EG Philippines’ goals of maintaining the balance of using social media among its team members, here are some tips to unplug from too much social media and reduce the negative effects on an individual’s health and wellness:

1.) Limit your screen time – Set a specific time of the day for browsing through social media to get the gist of the day’s or week’s current issues. A timer can be set on your phone to assist you maintain your set schedule. Applications can also be downloaded to limit your social media screen time. Less screen time is also beneficial to your eyes making it less exposed to blue light and eye strain.


2.) Unplug for a while – Take a break from indulging into social media. You can start from 1 hour to a week to even a month. Deactivating your social media accounts or a social media detox is also a great idea. This is proven to limit the stresses of the unrealistic world of social media.



3.) Avoid the “SocMed Distraction” when with loved ones or with friends – Avoid scrolling through your feeds and focus on indulging in meaningful conversations with them instead.



4.) Focus on your goals – Everything we see online is not always what it seems. People usually post their achievements and success. However, everyone goes through failures and comparing your achievements to someone else’s won’t do you any good. We all have our own learning curve and timeline. Do not base your success on someone’s superficial success. Make them your inspiration but not your basis.



5. ) Aim for self-care – Aim for self-improvement and maturity. Learn something new instead of drowning yourself in social media. With that, you would be able to learn to shrug off negativity such as self-discouragement and discontent.




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