Today in Japan: National Foundation Day.

By Published On: February 11th, 2021
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Today in Japan: National Foundation Day.

Japan is well-known for its long history, culture, and customs and one of their most famous holidays is the Kenkoku Kinen no Hi (National Foundation Day) that is observed today, February 11, in Japan. This annual festival, also referred to as the Empire Day, is an annual festival to mark its legendary foundation and the day of the enthronement of its first emperor, the legendary Emperor Jimmu.

According to some chroniclers, the enthronement of Emperor Jimmu was possibly not a historical reality but merely a myth. Nevertheless, the celebration of this holiday is a way for Japanese people to show their love and affection for the nation.

In addition, Kenkoku Kinen no Hi was initially being observed on the 29th of January. However, during the Meiji Period, when the nation moved from the Chinese Lunisolar calendar to the Gregorian calendar, the day shifted to February 11.

Some consider this as a forgotten holiday as most have less knowledge as to when it is being celebrated, consider it a pleasant surprise and just a day off. However, for others, celebrating one’s appreciation of Japan is a vacation full of patriotism.

Some may forget celebrating customs and traditions, but it is an integral part of the country’s foundation and its community. It is a fragment of the identity of a nation and its people’s origin. It is something that makes a nation unique and identifiable. It gives individuals a sense of identity and a means of communicating what is essential. Moreover, celebrating national holidays binds people to their past and helps them enjoy centuries of deep ties in the community.

People all over need to understand each other’s traditions to learn and respect them. Celebrating our diversity serves to unite and educate us, as well as our mutual interests.  As a subsidiary of a Japanese company, EGP recognizes the importance of these customs and traditions thus, knowing its history allows the individuals within the organization to understand its culture better. Hence, E-Guardian-Philippines celebrates with Japan today on their National Foundation day!

E-Guardian Philippines was able to sponsor ten eligible students from the Luuk Tongkil Elementary School in Sulu. This aims to assist in acquiring supplies for the students’ school activities and projects. Furthermore, it targets to aid their parents’ transportation expenses in obtaining their children’s weekly modules from elementary school. Hence, EGP extends its gratitude to everyone for making this possible, most especially Team Asia, its foundation partners, and stakeholders.

Despite the drastic transition due to the pandemic, E-Guardian Philippines managed to give back to the community thus proving that regardless of the challenges, the company remains true to its mission of guarding all!

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