World Suicide Prevention Day

By Published On: September 10th, 2022
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YOU MATTER: “Creating Hope Through Action.”

We can all contribute in preventing suicides by actively counseling and supporting family members, friends, coworkers, community members, educators, and others.

Oftentimes, people with suicidal tendencies have no idea what these people are experiencing, people we walk alongside, meet, or sit next to on public transportation. We cannot see what the other person is experiencing, and the other person cannot see how much pain you are facing. Whether it’s about work, family, emotions, or companions, we should try to understand each other. Let us teach ourselves to think differently and more clearly so that we can communicate more effectively.

Here are some ways to help a loved one who may be struggling:

  • Check in regularly to see how they are doing
  • Send notes of encouragement
  • Listen supportively
  • Tell them they are loved for who they are
  • Remind them that healing takes time
  • Give them time to relax and rethink
  • Stay with them when they are in their high feelings

Each and every one of us can be the light that would enable others to see the beauty of life. EGP is one of those people who continues to spread light and help others in terms of this dialogue. We encourage everyone to recognize, in their own ways of managing themselves. Together , we can create hope.

You may refer to these hotlines in case you are having difficulties or feel some struggles in your life. No problem is small or big, you just need someone to talk to and and shoulder to lean on.


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